We also do cover ups, however,

Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations for cover ups, so here are some guide lines for your cover up:

  • Not all styles are suitable for a cover up, you are always free to send us some examples of what you had in mind, however if this is not possible, we will tell you and we won’t change our mind.
  • Like every other tattoo done in our shop, we don’t copy styles of the internet, we all have our own style and will tattoo in this style.
  • Black or dark areas will have to be covered with a darker area, it is not possible to cover with a lighter/white color.
  • A cover up needs to be at least 3 times bigger than the original tattoo. Most of the times it even has to be bigger, this all depends on what your old tattoo was and what your new tattoo has to become. The smaller you go, the darker the new tattoo will be.
  • Once the cover up is tattooed, you will have to take care of your tattoo, if you don’t take care of the new tattoo, it will become very likely to see the old tattoo again. We won’t do a rework if we notice you haven’t taken care of your tattoo.

Last but not least, if we don’t feel comfortable about the idea, or we have the feeling that it won’t be possible to cover the old tattoo completely, we won’t take the job. The opener you are for our ideas, the easier it will be for us to design something for you.