S H O P R U L E S English

The shop rules are non discussable, no exceptions are made! 


Designs are never send and/or previewed in advance, they are being drawn for the day of the appointment. At that time, the design is discussed with your artist and small adjustments can still be discussed if necessary. If you change your mind about the tattoo you want to get, this should be discussed in advance, otherwise we will be forced to request a new advance and schedule a new appointment, as it is not possible to design an entirely new design on the day of the appointment. 

When scheduling an appointment, you acknowledge that you have communicated your tattoo design idea to us as specific as possible with the necessary documentation. Creating a tattoo on a client concept is very subjective, so we are depending on your input and documentation. Minor changes can still be made to the design if necessary, on the day of the appointment. However, substantial changes to the design or the request of an entirely new drawing will require a new deposit, the original deposit wil be forfeited as payment for the artist's drawing time. 


Tattooing requires concentration and hygiene, therefore it is never allowed to bring someone along while getting tattooed. 
We have a waiting room, but this is only for people with an appointment as the shop is already loud and busy enough with the tattoo artists and their customers alone.
Leuven is entertaining enough so company can find something else to do. 



Our shop is located on a busy shopping street and we work with multiple tattoo artists and piercers. 
It is not possible to entirely close the room for you, so bring appropriate clothing preventing you having to strip down completely. 
We are not responsible for staining on your clothes, so don't wear clothing that can't get dirty. 



Please bring the appropriate amount of money in case you want to pay cash!



-17y we won't tattoo you, 

17y until 18y we will only tattoo you if you bring a filled in consent form of BOTH your parents, including a copy of their identity cards!
Without consent form, you will loose your deposit and you won't get tattooed.  
If one of your parents is unwilling or unable to sign, we cannot tattoo you. 



Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

Cancelling or moving your appointment is possible, if done a sufficient time in advance.

A deposit will be forfeited in the event:

a. You do not appear for a tattoo appointment;
b. You cancel or reschedule an appointment without giving at least 2 days notice;
c. You continuously reschedule appointments;
d. You arrive more than 20 minutes late to a tattoo appointment;
e. You arrive to a tattoo appointment with sunburn or other not-communicated skin conditions.